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Table of Contents

First Part

The Author’s Apology, a poem. Graceless becomes a Christian; alarmed for the safety of his soul; is treated by his family as one diseased; guided by Evangelist; runs towards the Wicket-gate; is overtaken by Obstinate and pliable; persuades Pliable to fly with him; fall into the Slough of Despond; Pliable returns; Christian, assisted by Help, goes on; meets Worldly-wiseman; complains of his burden, and is sent out of his way to the house of Legality; terrified at Mount Sinai; Evangelist appears and puts him again into the right road; arrives at the Wicket-gate; is admitted by Good-will, and sent to the Interpreter’s house; is shown picture; a dusty room; Passion and Patience; the fire of grace; the valiant man; the man in despair; the trembler; proceeds to the cross; loses his burden; angels give him a pardon, new clothing, a mark, and a roll; tries to alarm three men asleep, but in vain; meets Formalist and Hypocrisy; ascends the hill Difficulty; sleeps in the Arbour, and drops his roll; is awakened, and pursues his journey; meets Mistrust and Timorous; misses his roll; returns in grief, and recovers it; goes on to the Palace Beautiful; encouraged by Watchful, he passes the lions, and, after examination, is admitted according to the laws of the house; entertained; sleeps in the Chamber of Peace; sees the study; the armoury; the Delectable Mountains; enters the valley of Humiliation; fights with and overcomes Apollyon; comes to the Valley of the Shadow of Death; terrified by the spies; assaulted with foes who care not for his sword; betakes himself to another weapon, ‘All prayer;’ comes out of the Valley, and passes the old giants Pagan and Pope; overtakes Faithful, a fellow-pilgrim; hold communion with each ohter; converse with Talkative; Evangelist forewarns them of persecution; enter Vanity Fair; are maltreated; imprisoned; Faithful is tried and burned; Christian pursues his journey, and is joined by Hopeful; By-ends wishes to join them; the sophistry of Hold-the-world detected; Demas tempts them to the hill Lucre, but they refuse; arrive at the River of the Water of Life; they go into By-path Meadow; follow Vain-Confidence; are taken by Giant Despair, and imprisoned in Doubting Castle; arguments for and against suicide; escape by the Key of Promise; erect a pillar to caution others; arrive at the Delectable Mountains; entertained by the shepherds: are shown Mounts Error, Caution, and Clear; see the Celestial Gate; receive some cautions; fail in attempting to convert Ignorance; robbery of Little-faith; mect the Flatterer, and are caught in his net; released by a shining One; meet Atheist;’ adventures on the Enchanted Groud; means of watchfulness; enter the Land of Beulah; are sick with love; approach the River of Death; no bridge; full of fear and dread, but get safely over; received by angels; admitted to glory.