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Synopsis of the Allegory by the Editor

This edition is prepared from a careful collation of the twelve editions published by the author during his life. It embraces the whole allegory in its native simplicity and beauty; illustrated with appropriate engravings; and variorum notes; being extracts from Bunyan’s various treatises which illustrate the ‘Pilgrim’s Progress,’ together with the most striking and valuable Notes by Cheever, Macaulay, Newton, Mason, Scott, Ivimey, Burder, M’Nicoll, Dr. Dodd, and other Commentators, with a few by the Editor. To preserve the uniformity of the text, the fac-similes of all tho original woodcuts, with the verse under each, are placed together in the order in which they first appeared; presenting a short pictorial outline of the principal scenes of this spiritual pilgrimage, in those rude representations which so delighted and interested us in our childhood.